Wild Rice Salad with Apple Cider Vinagrette

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Wild Rice Salad with Apple Cider Vinagrette

About the Recipe:  Wild rice is actually the seeds of edible grasses.  You will love the nutty flavor and firm texture. Cooking it in broth or with herbs, it absorbs the flavor while it cooks. It pairs with carrots, cranberries, onions, garlic, and tomatoes in a light apple cider vinaigrette. Pine nuts and pumpkin seeds add a toasty crunch.  Serve it on a bed of watercress for a super nutritious supper.

Inspired by: Smithsonian National Museum of American Indian The Mitsitam Café Cookbook.  Native American Ojibwe families on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota still harvest wild rice in canoes

Cook’s Note:  I used all natural Minnesota Wild Rice and light flavored walnut olive oil for this recipe.  If you can’t get pine nuts, substitute chopped slivered almonds.

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