Leprechaun’s Romanesco Hummus

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Leprechaun’s Romanesco Hummus


About the Recipe:  If you make Romanesco Steaks, you will have florets left over.  I combined these with some chickpeas to make a delicious hummus that would make any Leprechaun happy.  The light green hummus with crunchy crackers made a perfect appetizer with that shared afternoon glass of wine.


Romanesco Florets in Food Processor Prior to Chopping

Place Romanesco florets and chickpeas into food processor;


Romanesco After Processing in Food Processor

Process until well blended.

Special Note: By the way, beware of trying to save this for the next day as it will lose that bright color.  Guess that’s one of the Leprechaun’s favorite tricks.

pdf for Copy of Recipe Leprechaun’s Romanesco Hummus