Jan 2015 – Unwrap the Magic of a New Year

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Which Diet is the Best for Me?



pdf of Newspaper Articles on Different Diets

Or Dr. Charles Simone – 10 Point Lifestyle Plan


Dr. Charles Simone

Dr Charles Simone

Dr. Charles Simone – Lawrenceville, NJ


Medical Oncologist

Tumor Immunologist

Radiation Oncologists



Health Advocate

 I have known Dr. Simone and learned about his Cancer – Nutrition philosophy since 1993 when I  was introduced to him by our school nurse. There have been a number of Cancer related deaths in our family so we have been trying to avoid these types of diseases by practicing the best preventive practices possible.   Although it is easy to give into the latest newspaper/magazine articles, or TV marketing ads that advance more user friendly methods (i.e. fast food), less costly, less time consuming, or yummier (i.e. fat flavored) food choices,

Dr. Simone 10 Point Plan


Minimize the Risk for Cancer, Diabetes, and Coronary Heart Disease.

Dr. Charles Simone Website

Dr. Simone - Cancer & NutritionModify Risk Factors to Reduce Health Costs

Since 90%-95% of all chronic illnesses are preventable, people can live healthier, and health care costs can be reduced if people choose to modify their risk factors. About 80% of all health care dollars are spent on chronic illnesses that are self-induced.

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Dr Simone comments on the latest diets and fads.  Hear the Jan 18th On Demand Rebroadcast of “Food for Your Body, Mind & Spirit” with Dr. Simone providing his insight and perspective.

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 Healthier Foods From Gloria’s Kitchen


 “Made with Love” Chicken Soup

Made with Love Chicken Soup

“Made with Love” Chicken Soup

It was those words printed in the Florida’s OrlandoSentinel.com in an article by Anne-Marie Denicole and Pam Brendon that brought a rush of family memories. There she was, my caring mother, carrying a steaming bowl of chicken soup to a tiny sneezing, coughing little girl.  Homemade chicken soup has that kind of magic.  Just the thought of it makes you feel so much better. So it didn’t take me long before I was stirring up a large pot of loving goodness.

I decided to make it the way my mother did but those creative juices had me adding trendy red quinoa in place of noodles and a splash of white wine.  In any case, make it up your own style or try this recipe.  I know your soul will feel comforted.

pdf copy of Recipe of “Made with Love” Chicken Soup


“A Touch of Taco Flavor” Pasta Salad


“A Touch of Taco Flavor: Pasta Salad

A carnival of nutritious veggies team with protein rich quinoa to create a healthful pasta salad with fresh lemon chili dressing.  The quinoa adds a mild taco corn flavor. It’s rich, robust, and nutty and adding the colorful cauliflower makes it a real high style pasta main dish.  Perfect for gluten-free or vegetarian diets.

‘pdf for Recipe of “A Touch of Taco Flavor’ Penne Pasta


Pepper Rubbed Salmon Filet
with Rainbow Quinoa, Green Beans, & Creamy Tofu Caesar Dressing


Pepper Rubbed Salmon Filet with Rainbow Quinoa , Green Beans, and Creamy Tofu Caesar Ranch Dressing

Oven Crisp Salmon is an excellent source of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and that great omega-3 fatty acids we all need. In this dish, it is joined by protein rich, iron, and fiber from a seed called quinoa.  The bonus is its gluten free too.  Serve it with fresh garden green beans and drizzle it with creamy low fat Caesar dressing.  Delish ………..

pdf of Recipe of Pepper Rubbed Salmon with Rainbow Quinoa


“South of the Border” Chicken Soup

Sourth of the Border Chicken Soup

“South of the Border” Chicken Soup

 Make this soup your family favorite. It’s filled with lots of yummy vegetable flavor, country corn with peppers, tomato chunks, and tender shredded chicken.  Then to add that extra pop, sprinkle the top with melting pepper cheese, crisp tortilla strips, chunks of cool avocado, and some extra  delightful cilantro leaves.  Oh – so perfect!

pdf for Recipe of “South of the Border: Chicken Soup


What’s New at the Farmer’s Market

Creamy Cauliflower Cupcakes

Creamy Cauliflower Cheesecake Cups

  • A side dish made to impress people and can even fool picky eaters.

Surprise your guests with Cauliflower Cheesecake Cups. Under the crunchy browned top is a creamy soft vegetable filling bursting with flavor on an onion-garlic crouton crust. Whenever I serve this side dish, my guests are amazed when they discover it is made from one head of cauliflower.’

pdf for Recipe of Creamy Cauliflower Cheesecake Cups


 Frosty Winter Cherry Chocolate Jubilee


Frosty Winter Cherry Chocolate Jubilee

‘“Wow! This just can’t be good for you.” That was one of the comments from our taste testers when they tasted this delicious dessert. Everything about this dessert is on the “should eat” list. Our suggestion: Prepare a gourmet dinner for your special someone and include this dessert. Yes, you are a Top Chef after all.

‘pdf for Recipe of Frosty Winter Cherry Chocolate Jubillee’