Bison Chuck Roast with Chokeberry/Aronia Berry Gravy

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Bison Chuck Roast with Chokeberry/Aronia Berry Gravy

About the Recipe: Bison steaks and roasts are very lean and should be cooked in a slow oven only until rare or medium. Cut the cooked roast into very thin slices for a tender texture. It’s delicious served with lightly spiced smoky gravy and topped with roasted wild mushrooms.

Recipe Inspired by:  Loretta Barrett Oden shared that lean meat should be cooked for rare to medium. Bison meat will look like rare beef when it is cooked to medium.  It tastes very much like beef but just a little sweeter.  Do not overcook the bison meat.

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Inspired also by:  Kokopelli’s Cook book of Authentic Recipes of the Southwest by James & Carol Cunkle.

Background Information about Native American hunting.

Inspired by:  Sunny Ledford, Cherokee Native American, shared information about Native American hunting and food gathering. He related a story about an animal smaller than a bison called an Appalachian Buffalo.  They were about the size of a beef cow. It was said that they no longer existed as they were hunted into extinction. The last one was observed in the 1890’s in North Carolina.

Inspired by:  Laura Van Meter shared a painting of Native Americans hunting bison.  She said it was illustrated incorrectly. They didn’t just ride up to a bison herd and try to kill them with a bow and arrow. She explained that the Native American Indians would create a stampede to drive the herd of bison over a nearby steep cliff.  After the kill, the prey would be collected.  Prayers were made to the animals thanking them for sacrificing themselves to feed the people.

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Seaweed Scented Wild Mushrooms

About the Recipe: Seaweed is a protein rich ingredient that adds flavor and many health benefits. The ocean flavor of the seaweed is balanced in this topping with the woodsy taste of the mushrooms. If serving as a salad, toss with salad dressing; serve over your favorite greens.

Inspired by: Smithsonian National Museum of American Indian The Mitsitam Café Cookbook

Many species of seaweed and kelp supplemented the fish based diet of communities living along the North Pacific Coast.

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