A Country Christmas – Opryland Hotel

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Country Christmas at Opryland Hotel – Nashville, TN

Our December treat was to visit the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN to experience the month long festivities and the beauty of their holiday decorations. Originally, the month of December was a low occupancy month for the hotel and they came up with and beautifully executed a Christmas tradition that attracts people from many states to visit this spectacular event.  Although originally offered at no cost with lines that blocked the interstates, they now charge $24 per carload to park on their grounds in order to view the exhibits and manage the crowds. There is no entrance charge into the hotel, restaurants, or other exhibits.  It is now much bigger, profitable, and more beautiful with the newer solariums added between the expanded buildings that cover the entire site.  They even have water fountain type shows and canal rides internal to the facility.  The weather can be frightful on the outside as they say, but it is always 72°inside.


Nightime View of Entrance to Opryland Hotel – Nashville, TN


Lighted Christmas Tree Creation at Entrance to Opryland Hotel


A Pointsetta Christmas Tree Constructed Inside Delta Atrium


An Artistic Creation of Christmas Trees in Lights


Lighting adds to the Visual Beauty of the Delta Atrium


Music Theme Inserted into Lights in the Magnolia Atrium


Christmas Packages Decorate a Planter to Liven the Atmosphere at the  Opryland Hotel

These pictures are just a few views of the exhibit and does not even pretend to show the full extent of facility.  You have to see it both in daytime and nightime to full comprehend what is there.  It is truly beautiful to see.

So if you decide to go, the exhibition runa from November 11th through January 1st, 2017 and is not a year around event.  But it happens every year, so can make plans for next year and be thrilled as we were to see it.