Updated Voyageur’s Jerky

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Beef Jerky Being Cooked Low and Slow on an Open Fire

Gloria Goodtaste Version of Beef Jerky

About the Recipe:  This recipe is very easy to prepare and the chewy crisp jerky is perfect as a take-along on a camping trip or a backpacking walk-about.

Recipe fromFrench Cooking in Early America by Patricia B. Mitchell

Historical Background of Dish:
For trappers and explorers, jerky was a sustaining convenience food to eat since it could travel with them. They learned about jerky from the Native Americans.  They could chew on it in the dry state or soak it in liquid overnight to prepare a stew. They prepared the dish by drying the meat in the sun or fire-drying.  They didn’t use the additional seasoning in the above recipe. This updated recipe makes an ideal backpack snack.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Updated Voyageur’s Jerky