St Louis’s Worlds Fair – The Convertible Hamburger

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1904 St Louis World’s Fair – The Convertible Hamburger

About the Recipe: This is a neat burger to serve as all the goodies are tucked inside the toasty bun.  It uses a smaller amount of meat and bread, for a healthier burger size. It converts easily into your favorite flavors. The old burger just turned new.  It’s so Convertible!

Cook’s Note: This is a real convertible burger with a removable top.  An extra bonus is that you can change the flavor if desired.
In place of the barbecue sauce – substitute:

Greek burger – Greek salad dressing, black olives, roasted red peppers
Italian burger – Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, Italian seasoning
Mid-East burger – curry sauce and seasoning
Asian burger – sesame oil; teriyaki sauce or hoisin sauce
Mexican burger – cumin, chili pepper, jalapeno peppers, salsa sauce
Hot Spiced burger – hot Cajun seasoning, hot peppers spicy hot sauce
All-American burger – ketchup, pickle relish, American cheese, mustard

Go Creative burger – combine your favorites
The burgers can be prepared ahead of time; then just rewarmed.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – The Convertible Hamburger