Shrimply Delicious Pronto Pancit – Food Trend Recipe

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#2 Veggie Power Star – Chinese Cabbage


Shrimply Delicious Pronto Pancit


Shrimply Delicious Pronto Pancit

Nutrition: Features #2 Veggie Power Star – Chinese Cabbage
Food Trends:
Phillipines, Asian Noodles, Stir Fry

About the Recipe:   Serve this recipe using a layered look for company or just combine all the ingredients together for a stir-fry supper.  It is so delicious and filled with vitamin rich Chinese cabbage, onions, and carrots.  Quick and Easy and Oh – so delicious

About the Philippines dish – Pancit
Pancit is a Filipino noodle dish can be prepared in many ways. Many people consider this comfort dish to be the national dish of the Philippines, since it is so common in this tropical nation. Many people outside the Philippines think of pancit when asked to visualize the cuisine of the Philippines, and this noodle dish is often the first introduction to the rich culinary tradition of this country, which has been influenced by both Asian and Spanish cooking traditions.

The name for the dish itself is believed to be derived from pian i sit, which means “something cooked conveniently and quickly.”

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Award Winning Recipe Inspired by:  Thanks to Erlinda Holz from Cebu in the Philippines  For her winning recipe, she used Mama Sita’s Shrimp Gravy Mix Palabok for her sauce.

For easy serving:  Mix all of the prepared ingredients, noodles, sauce, meat, and vegetables together. Garnish as desired.

Cook’s Notes:
*Use purchased rotisserie cooked chicken; remove from bones. I save the bones to use when I am making stock.

Preparation is very easy:  It’s about 15 minutes for the noodles; 10 minutes to stir fry the vegetables; and 5 minutes for the sauce.  Yes, it’s a 30 minute recipe.

pdf for Copy of Recipe -Shrimply Delicious Pronto Pancit