Roasted Squash Hummus by Chef C.J. Jacobson

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Roasted Squash Hummus

About the Recipe:  Save some of that sweet, creamy squash to make this hummus, which is flavored with warm spices.  The roasted squash seeds are delightful mixed with some minced green parsley.  Serve with your favorite cracker assortment or flatbreads.

Hummus with Lamb Ragu and Flatbread as Served at Ema’s Restaurant Chicago

At Ēma, the new Mediterranean hot spot, Chef C.J. Jacobson serves many different kinds of hummus dishes

Recipe inspired by:  Chef C. J. Jacobson

  You can use acorn squash, cooked pumpkin or even 2 cups canned puree pumpkin.  He also uses only half of the listed spices for his original recipe.

For More Information see: Kitchen/2016/Hummus/

Cook’s Note: 

  • To soften the skin of the squash, I usually will pierce the skin with a fork or knife. Make sure to make the cuts all over the squash.
  • Place squash on microwave safe dish in microwave oven. Cook on high power about 2 to 4 minutes until knife can cut skin. If it’s large, it may require more microwave cooking time.
  • Let it cool down before you start cutting. The microwave will soften and loosen the skin.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Roasted Squash Hummus