Pittsville High School – “No Bake Cranberry Treats”

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Pittsville High School Auditorium where Treats were Served to Tour Participants

Pittsville High School offers the only science course in the country dealing with cranberries, and as part of the curriculum, the teens act as guides to welcome visitors and escort them during a 2-1/2 hour tour of cranberry marshes, a laboratory facility, and storage warehouse.  They even include a prepared lunch, which as expected featured a delicious Wisconsin cheese soup, sandwiches with cranberry trimmings, and student prepared sweet treats.


No Bake Cranberry Treats

About the Recipe:  An easy recipe to make that requires no baking.  Just mix up oats with raspberry flavored chocolate and add some dried cranberries for a real sweet treat.

Recipes from: Served at their “Splash of Red Cranberry Tour”
Lunch By Students from Pittsville High School, Wisconsin
Special Thanks to Pam Kumm H.S. Secretary for a copy of the recipe.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – No Bake Cranberry Treats