Oct 2014 – Smoked Meats, Fall Soups, Halloween Cakes

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Oktoberfest – Enjoy the Bounties of the Fall Season

 October – National Sausage Month

 Halloween – Goblins, Spooky Stories of Lore


Dr. Smoke – Cured Eggs, Smoked Sausages, Smoked Bacon, Smoked Pork Loin


Dr Smoke

Dr. Smoke – Dr. D.L. Swoverland, a local dentist & Smoke Food Expert

Dr smoke Sausages

Left – Kabanosy (Polish Sausage Sticks), Center – Apricot Smoked Paprika Bacon. Right – Smoked Portuguese Coffee Pork Loin, Top Smoked Egg







You know, October always brings to mind all the festive fun of Oktoberfests – I can almost smell those smoke grilling sausages and cheeses. Smoking & curing various foods is a real art and our guest today, a reknowned dentist and passionate grill expert, Dr. Smoke. Dr. D. L. Swoverland, is one of those experts. He knows all the secrets for mastering those smoking/curing techniques and has agreed to share them with all of us.

When he appeared today, carrying a tempting plate full of Kabanosy, Smoked Apricot Paprika Bacon, Portuguese Coffee Bacon, Smoked Pork Loin, and even a cured egg, I knew we were all in for a special treat.

pdf for Recipe on Homemade Maple Expresso Bacon Recipe

pdf for Recipe on Cured Egg Yolks


Visit to Chicago’s Polish Deli’s on Milwaukee Ave. Featuring Smoked Sausages

Polish Sausage Rack at Kurowski’s Sausage Shop ‘ 2976 No. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago


Polish Sausage Rack at Endy’s Deli, …….. 3055 No. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago




A visit to any Ethnic European Sausage shop in a large number of cities across the US will bring you a world of wonderful smells of smoked sausages that can add to any culinary adventure. So give it a try! It will enriched your day.


Party Charcuterie Board – Appetizer Platter

Charcutire Appetizer Plate

Assortment of Meats, Cheeses and Condiments makes up this thrilling Appetizer Platter


Charcuterie Arrangements makes an impressive appetizer.  It usually includes various cured meats, which are air dried; salted, cured or cooked that are served on a wooden board or platter.  It is fun for sharing and simple to prepare.  Ingredients can be purchased from your local market or home-smoked.  It can star any of your favorites, just add lots of variety.


pdf for Recipe of Party Charcuterie Board – Appetizer Tray 

pdf for Recipe for Roasted Pecans

Link to Amazon – Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn


Gubelous Glob Witch Cake

Witch Cake2B

A 9″ x 13″ Cake cut into three pieces and frosted to make it look like a Witch for Halloween

Gubelous Glob Witch Cake with a Perfect Frost and Decorate Frosting

A surprise cake that you can make with one 13×9-inch box spice cake.  It’s so simple because you can create your Halloween masterpiece by only cutting the cake in 3 pieces. Cover and decorate it with a frosting that will take a special place in your forever recipes. It stays soft and yet firm on the top.  Perfect to use for any decorated cake.


pdf for Recipe Witch Cake Frosting


A Magical “Wonder Berry” Bread

Magical Wonder Berry Bread

Magical “Wonder Berry” Bread


This bread looks so delicious and  it’s filled with fresh, healthy, North American cranberries.  A great way to add a touch of sweetness to your life!

These were the Wonder Berries that grew around the Gubelous Glob Trail. Those oceans of red cranberry bushes dotted the land, tempting any passerby to take a taste.  Maybe, that is why this bread is so appealing.

 pdf for Recipe Magical “Wonder Berry” Bread


The ” Devil Made Me Do It! – Diet Cake

Devil Make Me Do It Diet cake

The”Devil Made Me Do It! – Diet Cake

 Rich and Sooooo Delicious!

Temptation abounds!  The Devil’s Food Cake is moistened and topped with juicy cranberries with a touch of red pepper, but your guests won’t ever guess that.  Oh yes, there’s a tapioca pudding cream cheese, and of course whipped cream topped with, as   you might expect, tiny semi-sweet chocolate chips and chopped pecans.  All of the Best in One Cake!  Oh My!  There Goes My Diet!

you tube LogoYou Tube Link To “The Devil Made Me Do It!” – Diet Cake

pdf for Recipe of The Devil Made Me Do it!” – Diet Cake


Deluxe Date Pumpkin Bread

Cake Bread

Deluxe Date Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Patch Gloria

Goodtaste in the Pumpkin Patch getting that Perfect Pumpkin









The scent in the kitchen as this bakes tells your taste buds to get ready for a special treat.  Freshly harvested pumpkin puree combines with autumn’s favorite spices, soft dates, and crunchy pecans. Treat yourself today to a taste of Fall.

pdf for Recipe of Deluxe Date Pumpkin Bread


Golden Harvest Soup

Golden Harvest Soup with Sweet Pumpkin Yogurt   The essence of good health, golden carrots join with the sweet flavor of squash and pumpkin as they bubble together in a chicken or vegetable broth.  Chopped apples add a natural sweet flavor.  Simply use your immersion blender or food processor to create this velvet smooth texture.  A swirl of chili sauce will adds a finishing sparkle to the dish.

pdf for Recipe of Golden Harvest Soup


Loaded Double Dippin’ Potato Soup

Loaded Double Dippin Potato Soup

Loaded Double Dippin’ Potato Soup

Just know that everyone loves creamy potato soup with that velvety texture and added sour cream, melting cheese, and bacon bits.  But how about adding something new, crisp roasted, tiny whole potatoes add an unexpected surprise to this popular soup?



‘pdf for Recipe of Loaded Double Dippin’ Potato Soup 


Healthy Harvest Red Grape Edamame Bean Salad

Edamame Salad

Healthy Harvest Red Grape Edamame Bean Salad

Combine the best. Toss protein rich beans with fresh lime juice, add the intoxicating sweetness of ruby red grapes, and you will have healthy sunshine on your plate.

‘pdf for Recipe of Healthy Harvest Red Grape Edamame Beam Salad


Ewa’s Easy  Crustless Apple Pie

Crusless Apple Pie Dessert

Ewa’s Easy Crustless Apple Pie

Forget the crust. This recipe is a perfect time saver for the holidays. Great for your Thanksgiving dinner.  The slow cooker bakes up your warm apple dessert while you prepare the other dinner courses.  Top it with vanilla ice cream and drizzle it with caramel topping.  Delicious and so easy to prepare.

‘pdf for Recipe of Ewa’s Easy Crustless Apple Pie