Northern Great Lakes’ Wild Rice Soup

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Northern Great Lakes’ Wild Rice Soup

About this Recipe: Wild rice is really the seed of a long grain marsh grass
that was a valuable staple of Native American culture. With its chewy texture and light vegetal taste, it is delightful as a first course or main dish.  It is a protein powerhouse, full of fiber and is a healthy plus for one’s diet. Feel free add flavor with your favorite herbs and team it with wild mushrooms.

Inspired by:  Nutrition Secrets of the Ancients by Dr. Gene Spiller and Rowena Hubbard

Cook’s Note: I used fresh oyster mushrooms but reconstituted dried mushrooms can be substituted.  You can also use other herbs such as sage or a dash of red pepper flakes for a warm flavor boost.

I used cooked rice for a quicker preparation time.

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