North Pole Narwhal Cookies

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North Pole’s Narwhal Cookies

North Pole’s Narwhal – the Unicorn of the Sea

 This creature inspires myths and wonderful stories.  The Narwhal is a medium sized whale that really lives in the chilly waters of the Arctic Circle.  It can grow to be about 13 to 20 ft. and weight about 3,500 lbs.  That is about the size of a bus.  Some relatives of the Narwhal are the bottlenose dolphins, belugas, harbor porpoises and orcas.  They like to feed on fish, shrimp, squid, and other aquatic creatures.

The Narwhal has a six to 10 foot long tusk that people thought resembled a unicorn horn. The tusk is actually a tooth that grows through the Narwhal’s upper lip. It is hollow and quite light. Some Narwhals have two tusks while others have only one.  People in the 16th century even believed that they possessed magical powers.

Have fun making your own Narwhal and decorating it.  They like to swim in pods of two to ten or even groups of 20 so you might have to make more than one.

About the Recipe: It’s fun to design your own Narwhal cookies.  You will discover that they are so delicious since you use salted pretzels, pecans, and caramels. They must be magic!

Cook’s Note:  I found it easier to make about 3 at a time.  I made about 12 Narwhals.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – North Pole’s Narwhal Cookies