Nature’s Secret Kale Sauce Pasta

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A New Idea – Kale becomes the Sauce

Nature’s Secret Kale Sauce Pasta


Kale Sauce Drizzled  over Pasta

About the Recipe: When I made this recipe, I thought this had to be inspired by Mother Nature. The antioxidant rich emerald kale explodes, releasing its bright green color to smother the pasta with garden goodness.

We served it with natural vegetable flavored butterfly pasta that shouted out “healthy and farm fresh.”

Recipe Inspired by:  Chef Joshua McFadden

Serving:  Place pasta in boiling water in pasta pot; cook according to package directions. Drain water; toss pasta with olive oil.

Serve pasta on serving dish; place sauce in center; sprinkle lightly with grated Parmesan cheese.  Garnish platter with pasta pieces or fresh kale if desired.

Alternate Serving:  Place pasta in a bowl and serve sauce separately to spoon over the pasta.  You might want to double the sauce recipe and save some for a later serving.          Yield:  serves 4

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Nature’s Secret Kale Sauce Pasta