Miso-Marinated Mandarin Salmon

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Umami Deep Complex Flavor & Firm Texture

Miso-Marinated Mandarin Salmon

About the Recipe: The salmon is marinated in Miso to season and pull moisture out of the salmon flesh.  It produces a firm dense texture.  This also adds a deeply complex flavor to the fish.  A kohlrabi slaw, tossed with Mandarin orange fig spread, is mixed with diced crunchy kohlrabi chunks and red radishes. It’s easy to make and perfect for an omega 3 salmon boost for your immune system.

Inspired by:  an Asian dish by Good Food –

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What is Miso?
Miso is made from fermented soybeans and is a thick paste-like substance that has a great umami flavor. It’s an essential ingredient for many Japanese food dishes, including the popular miso soup.
Fermented foods can also be a source of beneficial bacteria, which have a number of health benefits. Chinese miso is more likely to contain probiotic bacteria than Japanese miso

Miso Comes in Different Colors: White miso is the mildest variety. Red miso is much saltier; and mixed miso combines two or more types and has a strong taste. The lighter varieties will keep about nine months and the darker ones are good up to a year. Make sure to check the date on your container.

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What is a Kohlrabi?
This vegetable is loaded with phytochemicals that help prevent damage to the cells of our bodies and improve our health. It’s a powerhouse; veggie that can fight against diseases and is also one of the top vitamin C foods… The taste is similar to a broccoli stem but a little milder.
It’s a member of the same family of kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. The entire plant is edible but make sure to cut off the slender root and peel off some of the thick skin on the bulb to discover the crunchy mild flavored bulb. Those leaves are perfect for a slaw and taste a little like collard greens but aren’t as strong.

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