Lion’s Mane “Crab” Cakes

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Lion’s Mane “Crab” Cakes Made from Pom Pom Mushrooms

About this Recipe:  Crisp “crab-like” cakes are perfect for an evening dinner or even special occasion.  They have a light seafood flavor that combine with fresh onion, garlic, and Asian seasoning.  You just won’t believe that these are made with Lion’s Mane (Pom Pom) mushrooms that add a super power blast of nutrition.  So yummy!

Cook’s Note:  I prepared half of the original recipe but it can be doubled.  Chilling the patties in the refrigerator makes the cooking easier and allows you time to prepare the side dishes for dinner.  I like to use a mild red pepper relish for extra flavor.  The Lion’s Mane mushrooms are mild with a touch of seafood flavor.

Recipe Inspired by:  Alan Kaufman –
From The Woodlands at Phillips
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Information about Lion’s Mane  – Pom Pom Mushrooms:
Lion’s Mane’s positive effects on brain function are well-recorded. For example, a study published in Biomedical Research in August 2010 found that subjects who took a Lion’s Mane supplement for four weeks demonstrated reduced depression and anxiety compared to the placebo group. A review published in Critical Reviews in Biotechnology in March 2014 also listed Lion’s Mane as one of the mushrooms that can prevent age-related neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Pan Frying Cakes:  Add butter and oil to hot pan; bring to medium to medium high heat.  Brown cakes on both sides (about 5 minutes per side)
Remove to paper lined plate.
Serve warm topped with red pepper relish or seasoned mayonnaise. Garnish with fresh parsley sprigs as desired.
Serves:  3 Lion’s Mane Cakes

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Lion’s Mane “Crab” Cakes