Bushia’s Creamy Polish Horseradish

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Bushia’s Creamy Polish Horseradish


Horseradish Root and ingredients for Legacy Horseradish recipe


Peeled Horseradish root ready for chopping in Food Processor. Food Process contains irritating odors normally exposed to person making horseradish in manual grater method.


Legacy Horseraddish Recipe in process of being made by adding vinegar mixture to ground horseradish in glass mixing bowl. Vinegar cannot contact any metallic parts or it will turn horseradish a dark gray color.


Bushia’s Horseradish shown with food that is usually used as ingredient to be topped by processed horseradish. Note: Use plastic spoon to spread the mixed horseradish and a glass jar for storage.

Horseradish adds a spirited hot accent to many foods. Serve this condiment with smoked foods like sausages, ham or smoked fish. We like it also with eggs, sandwiches, or potato dishes. Horseradish also adds that zing to sour cream, yogurt, or other dairy foods. We usually make a smaller amount but Bushia always doubled this recipe.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Bushia’s Creamy Polish Horseradish