Herbivorous Butcher

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Herbivorous Butcher – Minneapolis, MN

Back home, in the United States, we have experienced this movement developing for the last three years.  The Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis was started by Aubry and Kale Walch, a sister/brother team, who were successful in raising Kickstarter funds and moved their business from the Farmer’s Market to a Butcher Shop building about one year ago,


Herbivorous Butcher – 507 1st Ave NE – Minneapolis, MN 55413

“There is strong evidence that reducing your meat intake can lessen your impact on the planet and choosing tasty meat-free options more often can also have a positive effect on your health,” says Lynne Elliott, chief executive of the Vegetarian Society.

Their success is attributed to their quality products and the idea that the vegetarian proteins used both rival meat products and are powerhouses of energy and nutrition. A look at the new retailer sales data released by the Plant Based Food’s Association shows US Plant Based Foods Industry tops $ 5 Billion in Annual Sales.

Combining our curiosity with adventurous spirits, we decided to check out a produce butcher that had an excellent reputation for producing quality products and learn the inside story. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves on a plane headed to Minneapolis to interview Aubry and Kale Walch about their business The Herbivorous Butcher.


Herbivorous Butcher

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Aubry & Kale Walch Owners of the Herbivorous Butcher

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Hoagies being Prepared at the the Herbivorous Butcher

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Vegan Cheeseless Cheeses in Display Case at the Herbivorous Butcher

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Vegan Meats in Display Case at the Herbivorous Butcher

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Vegan Cheeseless Cheeses being Sold at the Herbivorous Butcher

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Korean Ribs in Display Case at the Herbivorous Butcher


Interview with Aubry & Kale Walch


Gloria Goodtaste Interview with Abry & Kale Walch of the Herbivorous Butcher

Link to Interview with Abry & Kale Walch of the Herberivorous Butcher


In Store Sandwich  & Soup Offerings


Three Types of Sandwiches being Offered For Sale the day of our visit at the Herbivorous Butcher


Gumbo Sausage Soup Offered in the Two Sizes ………………………at the Herbivorous Butcher


Turkey Dill Havarti Hoagie in Original Wrapper

IMG_0556 A

Turkey Dill Havarti Hoagie from the Herbivorous Butcher

We are omnivores and will eat anything if it tastes good and is well prepared. To our surprise, the hoagie tasted really delicious and was a hardy sandwich but the turkey and Havarti cheese were not clearly discernible from a taste standpoint and were overwhelmed by the tomatoes and lettuce.  So we opened the sandwich and tasted the vegan turkey and Havarti cheeseless cheese separately,  by pulling off a piece of each.. They tasted really good  and had an excellent taste/texture profile to our surprise.  So overall, the hoagie package that we devoured was well represented and we would recommend it to our friends if they were in the neighborhood.