Happy Holidays at the Haan Museum

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Gingerbread House at Haan Museum

Take your family to visit the “Haan Museum of Indiana Art” in Lafayette, Indiana located at 920 E. State Street. You will be surprised by what you will see. If you like history and antiques, this is a place for you.

Sleigh Bells Ring when your Dreaming of White Christmas

Children especially enjoy the Christmas Spirit

Electric Trains are Dressed in a Winter Wonderland Decor

Even Big Children will welcome the thrill of the Electric Trains going around the tracks.

Electric Trains are a Part of the Holiday Fun.

Christmas Trees and a Minature Santa Decorate this Room


Christmas Trees Adorne the Upstairs Bedroom

Christmas Decorations are part of the Dining Room Decor

Almost Everyroom in the Building was Adorne with the Christmas Spirit and Decorations

The Entire Haan Museum is fully into the HolidayDecorating Spirit