Fresh Foraged Green and Herb Salad

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Fresh Foraged Green and Herb Salad

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Our Little Helper had fun Washing the Salad Greens in a Salad Spinner to Remove Excess Water

About this Recipe: Have fun with the kids!  Let them forage in the garden and help design the salad.  Try to include Native American ingredients and enjoy their love of nature. The dressing adds a light sweet touch of flavor to blend all the greens and herbs into a refreshing salad.

Recipes Inspired by:  Kokopelli’s Authentic Recipes of the Southwest; James & Carol Cunkle

Cook’s Note  We used torn dandelion greens, baby spinach, and torn beet leaves as our greens and green onions, chives, basil, mint, and cilantro for our salad.  I guess we cheated a bit and used a salad spinner to wash our greens.  What an adventurous time we had!

Greens grow wild and can be easily gathered by those who know what to put in their baskets.  Purslane, tumbleweed, dandelions, spinach, mustard, greens, amaranth and many more delicious leafy plants can be found in the Southwest.  The early Priests reported that the Pueblo Indians were especially fond of amaranth patches.

In Pueblo mythologies, the dragonflies are a water symbol and bring rains in times of drought.  In the high desert, dragonflies are regarded as the guardians of the springs.

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