French Inspired Chicken Chili

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French Inspired Chicken Chili

About the Recipe: Main dishes that simmered for a long time over a hot fire were common at this time.  Many different meats could be used but fowl was plentiful.  Soaking in red wine or using brandy tenderized the meat and gave it delicious taste.  This recipe uses stronger spices like chili powder that weren’t available but peppered herbs or foraged ingredients were added to enhance the flavor.  Enjoy this updated chili that has a mellow delicious starting taste followed by a hot peppered pop at the end.

Cook’s Note:Like most chilies, this dish tastes better the next day.  Cook to warm; transfer to refrigerator until serving.  To serve: Warm chili until hot; serve with garnish topping.

To Prepare Topping:  In a small bowl.  Stir grapes, parsley, cheese, and crisp onions right before serving to keep onions crispy. Serve with chili.
Serves:  About 6 to 8

pdf for Copy of Recipe – French Inspired Chicken Chili