Food from the Fair – Updated – Spiced Tea Ice Cubes

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Spiced Tea Ice Cubes

About the Recipe: It’s time to spice up your life!  Plain ice cubes water down drinks. To enhance the flavor of your favorite beverage, add spiced ice tea cubes.  While keeping your drink chilled, it adds a spicy sweet edge and refreshing fruit tea flavors.

To Serve Spiced Tea:  Remove ice cubes from trays. Place ice cubes in (2 cup) conical (cone) shaped glasses.  Fill with your favorite chilled juice, lemonade, soda, or prepared tea.  Serve with straws; garnish with fruit slices, plain, or frosted berries. For adult parties: Before pouring the juice over the ice cubes, add some flavored sparkling water or about an ounce of vodka, tequila, or favorite alcohol beverage to the juice.

Cook’s Note: Here are some suggestions to serve over those Spiced Ice Tea Cubes.
Cranberry Pomegranate
juice over the spiced ice tea cubes; Garnish with sugared cranberries.
Citrus Surprise – Add some lime juice to sweet orange lemonade; garnish with twist of orange or lemon slice.
Blueberry Splash – Add blueberry cranberry juice, a touch of lime; garnish with plain or sugared blueberries.

pdf for Copy of Recipe -Spiced Tea Ice Cubes