Food from the Fair – Updated – Sonoran Hot Dogos

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Sonoran Hot Dogos

About the Recipe: The hot dog in a bun became popular at the 1904 World Fair but it’s twice as popular now with this spicy ingredient twist.  Popular in the Southwest, the crusty bun is jammed packed with refried beans, spicy peppers, and Mexican blended cheeses that adorn the bacon wrapped beef frank, topped with salsa verde, mustard, and zigzags of crema. The best just became better!

Recipe inspired by: Arthur Bovino
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Assembling Hot Dogs:  For Each Serving:  Lightly spread mayonnaise evenly over the inside of toasted bun. Spoon about 2 Tablespoons refried beans over mayonnaise. Squirt mustard in a zigzag layering on top of the beans up and down the inside of the roll. Top with cooked onions and green peppers. Tuck bacon wrapped hot dog inside bun.

Cover with the tomato, avocado, and chopped raw onions. Zigzag the salsa verde from one end of the top of the dog to the other, repeat with the yellow mustard, and a final zigzag layer of crema. Prepare remaining hot dogs.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Sonoran Hot Dogos