Food from the Fair – Updated – Popping Popcorn – Your Way

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Popping Popcorn –  Your Way

About the Recipe:  Great popcorn is a blank canvas that you can create into your favorite snacking flavor bomb.  The only problem is that you will probably eat up the entire bowl.  That’s OK – it’s only a small batch, gluten free, and non GMO.

After Popping the Popcorn: Always sprinkle with desired seasoning*Of course, you can add butter, flavoring, or any desired seasoning

Here are a few ideas to get you started:Ranch seasoning; Ground Dried Mushrooms seasoning; Bacon Dust seasoning; Chili Lime seasoning; Sriracha seasoning, Caramel seasoning; Apple Pie seasoning; Wild Italian seasoning;; Cheddar Up seasoning

Raise the Bar:  Mix your seasonings; add different textures
We added hot sauce flavors and mixed in some salted peanuts.
The other pictured bowl was Chicago styled – caramel and cheese flavor with some Honey Comb Cereal for a high styled popcorn treat.

Mix up your favorite spices and sprinkle away

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Popping Popcorn – Your Way