Food from the Fair – Updated – Fork and Finger Club Sandwiches

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Fork and Finger Club Sandwiches

About the Recipe: Club sandwiches are still popular faire.  This sandwich is perfect for breakfast as well as for brunch.  Thick waffles will produce four generous servings.  Ham, smoked turkey, mild cheese, and bacon add a hearty taste to the peppers, tomatoes, and lettuce.  It’s fun and delicious to serve maple syrup for some sandwich dipping.  Use a fork or your fingers to enjoy this special waffle club sandwich.

Prepare Waffle Sandwich: Place one whole waffle on flat surface. Each waffle has 4 segments. Lightly spread mayonnaise mustard over the 4 segments; arrange ham and cheese; top with lettuce leaves.

Place second waffle over the lettuce. Align the grooves with previous waffle. Lightly spread four segments with red peppered mayonnaise, sprinkle with minced deli turkey; top each with two bacon pieces, top each with 1 tomato slice. Spread remaining waffle with mustard mayonnaise, sprinkle with minced peppers; place mayonnaise side down over waffle sandwich, aligning grooves with previous waffles.

Place one long wooden pick into each section.  With sharp knife, cut completely through sandwich into 4 segments along grooves.  Add another wooden pick if needed.

Serve sandwich on serving plate with maple syrup for dipping. Make sure to remove wooden picks from sandwiches.

Serves:  4 waffle club sandwiches   Suggested side:  French fries.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Fork and Finger Club Sandwiches