Food from the Fair – Updated – Cotton Candy Mini Cake Cookies

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Cotton Candy Mini Cake Cookies

About the Recipe: It’s time to celebrate! These cake-like vanilla cookies are topped with a coating of pink or blue sugar. To add a festive party touch, each cookie is decorated with a puff of colorful cotton candy before serving. What fun!  We are sure glad that the 1904 World Fair introduced everyone to an easy way to make cotton candy.

Basic Tea Cake Recipe Inspired by: Prudence Hilburn, “The Best of Cooking with Prudence” and

Cook’s Note:  We purchased our Swirlz Cotton Candy at Cracker Barrel Restaurant Country Store but it can also be ordered on line.

To Add Cotton Candy Topping:
Some cotton candy will stick easily to the cookies. If it doesn’t, spread a small amount of marshmallow topping on each cookie.  Pull off small puff of cotton candy; stick on top of each cookie, attractively swirling top of cotton candy. Top cookies with cotton candy right before serving.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Cotton Candy Mini Cake Cookies