Feast of the Hunters’ Moon – Noodleables

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Noodleables Served by Boy Scout Troop #338 – at The Feast of the Hunters’ Moon

Gloria Goodtaste Version of Noodleables

About the RecipeEveryone who buys this at the Feast of the Hunters’ Moon loves it.  It’s full of vegetables and can be made without the bacon for a vegetarian main dish.  We enjoyed serving some crusty bread and crackers with it.  If you add broth to it, it becomes a delicious soup too.

Recipe by:  Feast of the Hunters’ Moon Cook Book, from Tippecanoe County Historical Association

Cook’s Notes:

  1. I used a (8 oz.) package wide egg noodles for the recipe but homemade noodles would be better. I found the mixed seasoning very spicy so I decided to readjust the amounts to use for 1 recipe.
  2. If you make the suggested seasoning mix. Remember these things. When you add the bacon, it adds add other ingredients like salt to the recipe.  Using fresh or dry dill will also make a difference in flavor.  Check the heat on your paprika; some are very hot.
  3. If you want to add more liquid to the recipe; add unsalted chicken broth or stock.
  4. I redesigned the seasoning to fit one dish. If you would like a copy of my adjusted seasoning mix, send me an email.
  5. Chopping all the vegetables makes the preparation longer.
  6. An interesting aside – it seems the word should mean noodles and vegetables, but I discovered it also means an improvisational aspect, like noodling along on my flute to noodleable songs. At the Feast, everyone called it a Noodle Bowl.

pdf for Copy of Recipe -Feast of the Hunters’ Moon – Noodleables