Chicken Cheeseball Kobobs on Veggie Spaghetti

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Chicken Cheese Ball Kabobs on Veggie Spaghetti

About the Recipe:  The chicken meatballs are delicious with the marinara sauce and the melting cheese is a delightful surprise.  The veggie spaghetti was light and full of flavor. It is a beautiful dinner dish.  You will have to watch out as the kids will want to munch on any melted oven cheese drippings as they are crunchy good.

Healthy Lunchtime Challenge Contest :  By Danielle M.  Age 10   New York  

Danielle’s Serving Suggestion:  Place 3 chicken cheese balls per skewer.
Divide veggie spaghetti onto six plates; sprinkle with chopped basil, place chicken kabobs on top.  Serve with warm marinara sauce on side for dipping.

Cook’s Note: I found it easier to prepare the chicken balls earlier and store in the refrigerator until ready to bake.  The cheese melts easily so make sure It’s securely covered with chicken meat.  I also found that using a chilled cheese produced a better result. For serving, I placed the marinara sauce on a serving plate, lightly seasoned veggie spaghetti in the center and kabobs around the side.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Chicken Cheese Ball Kabobs with Veggie Spaghetti