Candy Cap “Fudge” Filled Brownie Bars

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Candy Cap “Caramel” Brownie Bars

About this Recipe:  You will not believe how delicious this brownie bar is!  The flavor sings delicious!  It is filled with different types of chocolate and the dates combine with the maple flavored candy cap mushrooms to create a soft, fall-flavored filling.  They are very rich and highly addictive.

Recipe Inspired by:  Thrift Way Crave September/October 2017

Cook’s Note: Rehydrate your dried mushrooms according to the package directions.  I used 1/2 cup of boiling water for 1/8 ounce candy cap dried mushrooms.  Save the liquid to flavor other recipes.  To grind mushrooms:  I used a small coffee grinder and ground 12 dried candy cap mushrooms, which produced 1 Tablespoon ground mushrooms. Remember to thoroughly clean out the grinder or it will flavor your coffee too.

To serve:  Lift foil-lined bars from pan; remove foil.  Cut with sharp knife into 16 bars.  Serve chilled or room temperature for dessert.
Yield:  16 brownie bars

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Candy Cap “Fudge” Filled Brownie Bars