Big Thick Steakhouse Steaks

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Big Thick Steakhouse Steaks
by Meathead Goldwyn 



Big Thick Steakhouse Steaks

About this Recipe: This grilling technique produces a sizzling dark flavorful crusted steak perfectly cooked from edge to edge and bursting with big bold juicy beef flavor.


Rib Eye Steak Cooking in the 2 Zone Process  –                                            Cooking in Indirect Zone over water bath

On a gas grill set up with 2 zones shooting for 225°F in the indirect zone  with a water bath under the grate to catch the fat. Start the meat on the indirect zone, put wood chips on the direct zone in a foil pouch, and close the lid. Flip the meat once or twice so it heats evenly on both sides. At this low temp, the exterior color should not go much beyond tan, if you added wood chips it might get a ruddy glow. When the temp in the deepest part of the meat hits 110 to 115°F, open the lid and leave it open and remove the meat.


Rib Eye Steak in Searing Mode Directly on Lowered Grates over Flavor Bars

Remove the grates and water bath, and set them down on top of metal flavor bars that protect your burners.  Close the lid and turn all burners on high. After it’s max heat, open the lid, leave it open, pat one surface of the meat dry, and put it on the hottest part of the grill, dry side down.

Leave the lid up during searing and flip the meat every minute or two.

When you have both exteriors perfect, the interior should be in the medium rare range, 130 to 135°F. Err on the side of undercooking, you can always put a steak back on the grill,


Completed Steak Dish as Served with Sides

pdf for Copy of Recipe – The Big Thick Steakhouse Steaks