Baked Chocolate Cherry Reindeer Donuts

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Baked Chocolate Cherry Reindeer Donuts

About the Recipe: Get ready to have some fun with these donuts.  Bake up some chocolate cherry filled donuts and cover them with chocolate frosting.  Then let the family have fun decorating them. They are so cute with those wide eyes and red noses!

Cook’s Note:  It is much easier to pipe the batter into the donut cups.  I usually stand my plastic bag in a tall glass and fold the top of piping bag over to keep it clean.  When decorating the reindeers, prepare all the decorations first before melting the chocolate.  I found the eyes in the baking section of our local food supermarket.  You could also pipe frosting eyes on them but this makes it easier.

Melting Chocolate: Place chocolate chips and vegetable shortening in small microwave safe bowl.  Cook on medium high 70% for 1 minute; stir. If not melted completely, microwave for additional 10 to 15 seconds.  Stir just until chocolate is melted.

Decorating the Reindeers:  Cut pretzels into 24 horns. Set aside.

Dip or evenly spread melted chocolate over the top light section of the donut to cover the top.

Insert pretzels pieces for horns on each side of donut head; arrange eyes on face and place red nose in the center.  Place on waxed until firm. Store in airtight container at room temperature.  Best eaten within a few days.

A Quick Trick: Use already prepared chocolate donuts and a frosting to attach all the decorations.  However, flavored donuts taste fantastic

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Baked Chocolate Cherry Reindeer Donuts