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As a learning specialist, I used brain based techniques, neuro-linguistic strategies, and administered testing/screening for preschool through 8th grade. I worked with all grade levels and have experience as a reading/writing teacher, diagnostic/prescriptive testing coordinator, and assisted parents as a learning consultant.

I have a double MA degree in Reading/Special Education/Learning Disabilities, multi-certifications/licenses in four states, administration/supervision certifications, and published educational articles for school districts and magazines. I presented workshops for teachers and wrote activities for a preschool prevention grant program. My experience also includes teaching neuro-linguistic reading techniques at the college level.

I have a chapter in the recently published book “No Mistakes How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance.”

I also was selected as the grand prize winner to represent Ford City Mall in Chicago, and I was one of the top twenty speaker/writers in the 2012 Next Greatest Speaker and Authors’ Competition.

In the field of nutrition and creative food preparation, I have over 300 hundred winning recipes that were selected by various companies and organizations in their food competitions. My recipes are printed in many company and industry publications. Also, I have appeared on television, radio programs, and have been featured in magazines, newspapers, and other publications

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