1930’s Recipes – A Time of Ups and Downs

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Macaroni Mickey Mouse



Macaroni Mickey Mouse


About this recipe: I expected the typical creamy mac ‘n cheese dish but this recipe is really extra special. It forms a browned soft crust around the edges of the dish while the center stays soft and cheesy.  It reminded me of an omelet wrapped around thick creamy cheese macaroni.  It would be a perfect luncheon dish with a light side salad or an extra special side dish for a holiday dinner.

pdf for Copy of Recipe for Macaroni Mickey Mouse


“Walt Disney, working late at a Kansas City art studio, shared his cheese sandwich with mice that scampered about.  One clambered up on his drawing board inspiring his famous cartoon character.”  Now – that’s a great story!

Golden Treasury of Cooking.  Better Homes and Gardens, Meredith Corporation, 1973. p. 31


1930’s – A Time of Ups and Downs
The Depression Era

What’s Happening?

Wall Street “crashes” and The Great Depression make families turn inward, inspiring a time of sharing, cooperation, and for many, surviving the economic woes.  Neighbors used the barter system, and gardens supplied some fresh vegetables. Families shared activities, which included gathering around the radio. Talking pictures were new and mechanical refrigerators with freezer trays were being introduced, which inspired the rise of ice cream and gelatin salads.  Favorite dishes included macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes, cabbage, root vegetables, fish, and pork.  Desserts were homemade and when available might include prune whip, apple cobbler, and raisin pie.

Some of the foods on the table during the Depression Era…Chipped Beef on Toast, Milk Toast, Mayonnaise Sandwiches, Hot Milk and Rice, Lard or Bacon Grease Sandwiches, Hot Dogs with Baked Beans, Fried Bologna, American Cheese Sandwiches, Corn Mush, Oatmeal with Lard

 Did you know that these were popular in the 30’s?
Daffodil Cake, Tomato-Cheese Rarebit, Favorite Ice Cream, Elegant Chicken a la King, Stuffed Frankfurters, Pork Pie, Oyster Shortcake, Creamy Lettuce Salad, Orange Nut Bread, Feather Rolls, Chocolate Crinkles, Gumdrop Bars, Orange Icebox Cake