Brasky & Son’s Secret 100 Year Old Recipe

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Brasky & Son’s Secret 100 Year Old Recipe
Made Continuously from 1916-2016

Fresh and Smoked Polish Sausage



Brasky’s Grocery Store at 4600 So. Richmond Street – Chicago, Illinois – Opened in 1926 – Closed in 1999


Eleanor Brasky at 94 Yrs of Age makes special seasonings for the legacy recipe invented by her father John Machowicz in 1916


Danny Brasky – 3rd Generation Sausage Maker


Mixed by Hand as Grandpa John Machowicz originally did  in 1916.



Raw sausage ingredients being extruded into natural casings to yield finished product, ready to be tied and stored under refrigeration.


Finished Brasky Polish Sausage link being weighed on scale ready for cooking.


Brasky’s Polish Sausage cooking in a pot of boiling water.


Brasky’s Polish Sausage Sandwich Ready for Serving

This Polish sausage was sold in their neighborhood Chicago corner store for about 76 years. It was the treasure of locals, who couldn’t celebrate the holidays without it. Since the store has closed, the Brasky Family decided to share this special recipe so future generations would be able to enjoy it. It is seasoned simply but the preparation techniques and type/size of the meat make the difference in producing a quality product.

pdf for Copy of Recipe – Brasky & Son’s Secret 100 Year Old Sausage Recipe

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